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For Emergency Services:

Med Vet 667 Brevard Road in Asheville 828-665-4399 (WWW.REACHVET.COM)

Western Carolina Regional Animal Hospital 205 N. Highland Lake Road in Flat Rock 828-697-7767 (WWW.WCRAH.COM)

We are providers of holistic health care for the entire family. Our focus is on Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and herbs), Class IV Therapy Laser and behavioral consultations, with the objective of achieving a cohesively integrated result. We treat you, your family and your pets as valued family members.

Founder Dr. Andrea Fochios holds a four year Medical Degree in Chinese Medicine and is licensed by the Acupuncture Licensing Board of North Carolina to practice Chinese Medicine on humans. Although not a primary care practitioner, by incorporating her integrated medical approach, Dr. Fochios’ practice is a supportive adjunct to your health care team in aiding with the progress of healing and health.

Dr. Fochios is a licensed Veterinarian with over 30 years experience. She holds a Master’s Degree in Animal Behavior and a four year Degree in Chinese Medicine. In addition to the various treatments available, Dr. Fochios can offer guidance in how to best provide good preventive and nutritional care for your pet. We strongly recommend your pet gets annual wellness checkups with their regular veterinarian. Geriatric patients or those with underlying health issues may require more visits in a year. This could help ensure that any slowly manifesting illnesses can be detected early on.

Because of her knowledge, Dr. Fochios can give accurate and opened minded consultations about traditional, alternative and complementary treatments. Dr. Fochios works hand in hand with both the human and veterinary medical communities and will advise clients when she feels a visit to a veterinary hospital, doctor or emergency facility is needed. She will also refer other health care professionals she feels the patient would benefit from.

Please call 828 254-2773 or email us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Patient appointments are scheduled on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
Please call 828 254-2773 or email us for an appointment.

Dr. Andrea L Fochios
16 Harris Avenue
Asheville, NC 28806
Phone: 828-254-2773
Fax: 828-505-8133


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