The Office of People and Pets Acupuncture will be offering Telemedicine Consultations for clients as well as Office Visits when needed. Please contact Dr Fochios via email or call (828) 254-2773 to make an appointment.

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For Human Clients, if you feel sick, please call your Primary Physician. Don’t wait!

For Emergency Veterinary Services:

Med Vet 667 Brevard Road in Asheville 828-665-4399 (WWW.REACHVET.COM)

Western Carolina Regional Animal Hospital 205 N. Highland Lake Road in Flat Rock 828-697-7767 (WWW.WCRAH.COM)

Dr. Andrea Fochios, at the Office of People and Pets Acupuncture provides Integrative medical care which can include members of the whole family. The focus of therapy is based on the principles of Chinese Medicine which utilizes lifestyle tools such as diet, supplements, herbs, meditation, techniques to integrate mind and body, Erchonia’s Class 2 Laser therapy, Migun technology, and Pemf (pulsed electromagnetic field as provided through Assisi Animal Health). Thank you for choosing this Office to help support you and your loved ones in maintaining health and well being, and, as adjuncts to your primary care team, whether it be for you or your beloved pets.

Dr. Andrea Fochios holds a four year Medical Degree in Chinese Medicine and is licensed by the Acupuncture Licensing Board of North Carolina to practice Chinese Medicine for people. Although not a primary care provider, Dr Fochios is committed to being a supportive adjunct to your primary health care team.  She has a relationship with many health care providers and will not hesitate to recommend referral if she feels it is in your best interest.

Dr. Fochios is a licensed Veterinarian with over 40 years experience. In addition, she has a Master’s Degree in Biology & Animal Behavior as well as additional training in Veterinary Chinese Medicine.  In addition to providing the services mentioned above, Dr Fochios can help offer guidance for individualized preventive, behavioral, and nutritional care for your pet. She can also help to determine when you need to see your primary care veterinarian for specific issues. She strongly recommends seeing your primary care veterinarian at least once yearly for younger furred family members and at least twice yearly for older pets and geriatrics. Those with chronic underlying health concerns should be seen as needed by their primary care provider.

Because of her years of experience, Dr. Fochios can help provide guidance concerning traditional or alternative, integrative treatments. Dr. Fochios works hand in hand with both the human and veterinary medical communities and will help advise clients/patients how, and when, to seek appropriate care if warranted.

Please call 828 254-2773 or email us. We will be happy to try and answer any questions you may have.

Patient appointments are scheduled on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
Please call 828 254-2773 or email us for an appointment.

Dr. Andrea L Fochios
16 Harris Avenue
Asheville, NC 28806
Phone: 828-254-2773


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